Information on Travel2be

Travel2be is an online travel agent that compares cheap flights. The company was founded more than 15 years ago and has a wealth of experience in the travel industry. Travel2be offers customers up-to-date offers and also enables travelers to book tickets with low-cost airlines such as Easyjet or Iberia Express.
Methods of Payment
Credit cards: American Express, VisaCard, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro, Visa Debit
Direct debit: no
ePayment: no
Cash: no
Invoice: no
Paypal: yes
electronic cash (EC): no

Travel2be - popular flights

with: South African Airways (SA29, SA23, SA25, SA8101, SA8103), Deutsche Lufthansa (LH9555), Egyptair (MS9447, MS9453)
with: Ethiopian Airlines (ET78), Air Italy (IG843), Arik Air (W3303), Air Peace (P47573), Air Namibia (SW508), Africa World Airlines (AW218, AW210, AW212)
with: Arik Air (W3302), Air Italy (IG841, IG843), Air Peace (P47572), Africa World Airlines (AW211, AW213, AW219, AW223)
with: Oman Air (WY342, WY344), Pakistan International Airlines (PK229)
with: Ethiopian Airlines (ET1005, ET1042), ASKY Airlines (KP20, KP22), Air Peace (P47564)
with: Fastjet (FN8003, FN8001), Air Zimbabwe (UM326, UM322)
with: Africa World Airlines (AW324, AW344), Kenya Airways (KQ502), Arik Air (W3302), Ethiopian Airlines (ET1005), ASKY Airlines (KP20), Air Peace (P47566)
with: Air France (AF958), Ethiopian Airlines (ET905), Turkish Airlines (TK8423), KLM (KL2254), Cronos Airlines (C8787), ASKY Airlines (KP1051)
with: Ethiopian Airlines (ET1050), Camair-Co (QC421), ASKY Airlines (KP24)
with: Uzbekistan Airways (HY462, HY464)
with: Egyptair (MS882)
with: Air France (AF521), KLM (KL2354), Delta Air Lines (DL7350), Ethiopian Airlines (ET1428), Air Cote d'Ivoire (HF56, HF710, HF712), Mauritania Airlines International (L6113)
with: British Airways (BA2158), Iberia (IB7611)
with: Jubba Airways (3J713), African Express Airways (XU557, XU521, XU523), Fly SAX (B5825), Jambojet (JM8562), Kenya Airways (KQ362, KQ8562)
with: Brussels Airlines (SN277), United Airlines (UA9972), Ethiopian Airlines (ET1006, ET1043), TAP Air Portugal (TP1524), ASKY Airlines (KP21, KP23)
with: ANA All Nippon Airways (NH814)