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with: United Airlines (UA240, UA2394, UA758, UA1702, UA275), Air New Zealand (NZ9530, NZ9542), Singapore Airlines (SQ1375)
with: Emirates Airline (EK782, EK784)
with: Fly540 (5H429, 5H433, 5H427, 5H1409, 5H1407, 5H445), Jambojet (JM8662), Kenya Airways (KQ8662)
with: South African Airways (SA57, SA210, SA53), TAP Air Portugal (TP6829, TP6824), JetBlue Airways (B65223), United Airlines (UA7228)
with: Philippine Airlines (PR2959), CEBU Pacific Air (5J885, 5J887), Etihad Airways (EY3982)
with: Kenya Airways (KQ535, KQ533)
with: British Airways (BA82)
with: Saudi Arabian Airlines (SV800, SV3800, SV3844, SV3846, SV3848), Pakistan International Airlines (PK740), Etihad Airways (EY3394), airblue (PA871)
with: Emirates Airline (EK619, EK621, EK2105, EK2115, EK2495), flydubai (FZ328, FZ338, FZ8338)
with: Pakistan International Airlines (PK217), airblue (PA630)
with: Etihad Airways (EY242), Virgin Australia (VA7242), KLM (KL3932), Pakistan International Airlines (PK295), Air Serbia (JU8103, JU8107), Kenya Airways (KQ5571), ALITALIA (AZ5713)
with: Etihad Airways (EY232, EY234), Virgin Australia (VA7233, VA7234), KLM (KL3930, KL3892), Pakistan International Airlines (PK261), airblue (PA230)
with: Emirates Airline (EK623, EK625), Pakistan International Airlines (PK203), airblue (PA410, PA416)