Flights from New York to San Francisco

The giant leap across the country from New York (NYC) to San Francisco (SFO) is a popular flight route among business travelers flying over to close a deal, as well as among pleasure seekers after some Californian recreation. A direct flight will take you around 6 hours, which is not too bad considering it is the entire length of the country - 2905 miles. Airlines offering a non-stop flight are: American, Jetblue, Virgin America, Alaska, United, US airways and Delta.


Cheap flights

There are several airlines offering a low-cost air ticket option so that you can have more to spend on your trip. The three that routinely offer good deals are Delta, Virgin America and Jetblue. For the lowest price, tickets should be booked as far in advance as possible, making sure to avoid weekends and school vacation periods. Don't forget to compare prices online at to ensure you are getting the best price.


San Fransisco- after landing

Once you have landed, getting around town is easy and, given that it's San Francisco, often stylish. Passengers can take BART express trains form the airport to northern San Mateo County, or downtown San Fransisco and East Bay. You will find the station near the International Terminal - this can be reached  by taking AirTrain. A generous selection of buses, taxis and shuttles are also available.


When is the best time to take a trip from New York to San Francisco? Find out with idealo

Find the best deals for flights from New York to San Francisco with idealo's great price comparison system. Ticket prices for the route were compared in the flight database: The cheapest tickets for connections from New York to San Francisco start at $124. Ticket prices for flights on Wednesdays can cost up to 16 % less than flights on any other day of the week. American Airlines is chosen 22 % of the time by idealo customers, making it the most frequently used airline for this connection.

Time-saving direct flights from New York to San Francisco

For those of you in a hurry direct flights are definitely worth considering to cut down your travel time. These are available on any day with American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, United Airlines or Virgin America. We've compared the prices and, with prices starting from $124 per ticket for a direct flight, this is the cheapest offer in our database.

Travel even cheaper with one-stop flights

Flying with stopovers can be up to $24 more affordable than direct flights. Connections with stopovers start at $124 and are perfect for those looking for the cheapest flights, but those in a hurry should consider direct flights, which can cost $148. Only 18 % of idealo users prefer stopover connections and 53 % prefer direct flights. For stopover connections flights with stops in Los Angeles or Chicago are very popular. If you want to take the fastest stopover connection, choose a flight with a stop in Los Angeles and enjoy a flight time of 7 hours and 50 minutes. This connection is only one hour and 53 minutes longer than a direct flight. Whether you need a direct or a stopover flight from New York to San Francisco, here at idealo we can find the perfect flight for you.