Information on Budgetair

Budgetair is an online travel agent with websites also in the UK, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and France. Budget air is part of Travix, a leading online travel company operating in 39 countries worldwide. Using the Budgetair website customers are able to book cheap flights as well as hotels and rental cars and vacation packages.

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Budgetair - popular flights

with: American Airlines (AA2355, AA4647), LATAM Chile (LA6489), LATAM Brasil (JJ7824), Iberia (IB4738, IB4149, IB4762), Finnair (AY4156)
with: Overland Airways (OF1191), Air Peace (P47862)
with: Arik Air (W3302), Air Italy (IG841, IG843), Air Peace (P47572), Africa World Airlines (AW211, AW213, AW219, AW223)
with: Africa World Airlines (AW106, AW110, AW116, AW124, AW126, AW128, AW100, AW118)
with: Overland Airways (OF1189), Air Peace (P47864)
with: Dana Air (9J367), Arik Air (W3440), Air Peace (P47161, P47153, P47251)
with: Arik Air (W3620, W3624), Air Peace (P47170, P47174, P47270, P47370)
with: Dana Air (9J331), Air Peace (P47156, P47160, P47150, P47252)
with: South African Airways (SA29, SA23, SA25, SA8101, SA8103), Deutsche Lufthansa (LH9555), Egyptair (MS9447, MS9453)
with: Ethiopian Airlines (ET78), Air Italy (IG843), Arik Air (W3303), Air Peace (P47573), Air Namibia (SW508), Africa World Airlines (AW218, AW210, AW212)
with: Africa World Airlines (AW160, AW166, AW172, AW180), Passion Air (OP176, OP178, OP170, OP172)
with: Air Peace (P47816, P47860)
with: Dana Air (9J368), Arik Air (W3441), Air Peace (P47250, P47154, P47158)
with: Air Peace (P47815, P47863)
with: Africa World Airlines (AW324, AW344), Kenya Airways (KQ502), Arik Air (W3302), Ethiopian Airlines (ET1005), ASKY Airlines (KP20), Air Peace (P47566)
with: Deutsche Lufthansa (LH595), United Airlines (UA9021), Arik Air (W3767), Dana Air (9J364), Air France (AF513), Delta Air Lines (DL8727), KLM (KL2119), Air Peace (P47292)
with: Arik Air (W3610), Air Peace (P47102, P47106, P47200, P47100)
with: Dana Air (9J341, 9J343), Air Peace (P47190, P47198, P47390, P47290, P47394), Arik Air (W3740)
with: Arik Air (W3621, W3625), Air Peace (P47173, P47175, P47273, P47373)