Information on is a flight booking website based in the Czech Republic. The company was founded in 2012 and allows customers to find the cheapest offer amongst a wide selection of low-cost and scheduled carriers.

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with: Saudi Arabian Airlines (SV723, SV719), Pakistan International Airlines (PK753), Flynas (XY316), airblue (PA274)
with: Saudi Arabian Airlines (SV739, SV731, SV729), Pakistan International Airlines (PK725), Flynas (XY318)
with: Africa World Airlines (AW106, AW110, AW116, AW124, AW126, AW128, AW100, AW118)
with: United Airlines (UA2000, UA248, UA523, UA254, UA656), American Airlines (AA739), Brussels Airlines (SN8872), Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT (LO4394)
with: Fly540 (5H407, 5H409, 5H1407, 5H1409), Jambojet (JM8652, JM8656), Kenya Airways (KQ654, KQ8652)
with: Saudi Arabian Airlines (SV890), Air India (AI992)
with: Africa World Airlines (AW160, AW166, AW172, AW180), Passion Air (OP176, OP178, OP170, OP172)
with: Air Peace (P47815, P47863)
with: Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BG202, BG228, BG406, BG604, BG606, BG248, BG226, BG222)
with: Pakistan International Airlines (PK259)
with: Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BG469), US-Bangla Airlines (BS171), NovoAir (VQ977)
with: Fly540 (5H429, 5H433, 5H427, 5H1409, 5H1407, 5H445), Jambojet (JM8662), Kenya Airways (KQ8662)
with: Pakistan International Airlines (PK755)
with: Gulf Air (GF785, GF787)
with: SriLankan Airlines (UL266), Saudi Arabian Airlines (SV788)
with: Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BG405, BG603, BG605, BG247, BG401, BG601), US-Bangla Airlines (BS131, BS133)