Information on is a flight booking website based in the Czech Republic. The company was founded in 2012 and allows customers to find the cheapest offer amongst a wide selection of low-cost and scheduled carriers.
Methods of Payment
Credit cards: VisaCard, MasterCard
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electronic cash (EC): no
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with: American Airlines (AA3629, AA3722), El Al Israel Airlines (LY8269), United Airlines (UA6535), Alaska Airlines (AS4494), Japan Airlines (JL7571), Qantas Airways (QF3166), Southwest Airlines (WN0312)
with: Iran Aseman Airlines (EP6514), Iran Air (IR0677)
with: United Airways (Bangladesh) (4H0501), Etihad Airways (EY5402), Kuwait Airways (KU0905), Regent Airways (RX0731), NovoAir (VQ0951)
with: Spirit Airlines (NK0952), JetBlue Airways (B61510, B61710), American Airlines (AA1158, AA1988, AA2277, AA2288)
with: Bulgaria Air (FB0301), CSA Czech Airlines (OK4851, OK9039)
with: Deutsche Lufthansa (LH0445, LH8171), SAS Scandinavian Airlines (SK3372), Brussels Airlines (SN7243), Thai Airways (TG7705), Turkish Airlines (TK8502), United Airlines (UA8830), Air France (AF3617)
with: British Airways (BA2158, BA2258), Caribbean Airlines (BW0902)
with: Deutsche Lufthansa (LH7604), United Airlines (UA0074), Air Canada (AC2536)
with: Etihad Airways (EY5258), United Airways (Bangladesh) (4H0581, 4H0525, 4H0529, 4H0523), Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BG0027, BG0047, BG0021)
with: Spicejet (SG0054)
with: Florida Coastal Airlines (PA0212)
with: IBERIA (IB4673), American Airlines (AA6198), Finnair (AY5529), British Airways (BA0289)