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Mexico City - UNESCO World Heritage Site

The capital of Mexico is surrounded by the famous twin volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl. The historic center of Mexico City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city itself is the center of the country and is also the largest transportation hub in Mexico.

The best time to visit Mexico City is from October to May, as from June to September is the rainy season. In February, Mexico City celebrates Carnival. In April, Semana Santa is held from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday with various processions and passion plays. On September 15 and 16 are the Independence Day celebrations. They begin at midnight with the Grito de Dolores. This address of the President to the people traditionally takes place from the balcony of the National Palace. On November 1 and 2, Día de los Muertos commemorates the deceased with parades, colorful decorations with symbols of the dead, and flowers.

Mexico city: Entry, cost of living and transport options

US tourists can enter Mexico without a visa. The passport should still be valid for at least half a year from date of entry. Vaccinations against typhoid, hepatitis A, diphtheria and tetanus are recommended but not mandatory. Tap water is not of drinking quality, so bottled, boiled or disinfected water should always be used. For food, the rule of thumb "cook it, peel it or forget it" should be heeded.

The cost of living is significantly lower than in major US cities. When eating in a restaurant, you will pay about 80 to 150 MXN and for a beer or a soft drink you should estimate about 50 MXN or 15 MXN. Tacos, burritos or tortas are available for around 10 to 50 MXN. Breakfast alternatives include tamales, a corn dough filled with meat, cheese or sweet ingredients. Hot chocolate, atole, is also available from street vendors for those on the go.

From the airport, a trip to the city center can be arranged by metro. Line 1 takes about 20 minutes to the city center and is located some distance from Terminal 2. Depending on the destination and terminal, other lines may need to be used. Cab tickets are purchased at the counter in the terminal for about 100 to 300 MXN. The ride takes about 40 to 60 minutes. A waiting time should be planned for. A hotel shuttle pickup is usually more expensive than a cab. The local transportation network is very well developed and very inexpensive with a metro ticket price of about 5 MXN plus about 10 MXN for a reloadable card. If using a cab, the vehicle should be pre-booked for safety reasons.

Guesthouse accommodations will cost about 200 MXN per night. 3-star hotels are about 400 MXN per night per person.