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Santiago de Chile, or "Santiago" for short, is the capital of Chile. The bustling city attracts countless visitors every year with its diverse events, sights and museums.

A trip to Santiago de Chile is especially recommended from October to April. The biggest holidays in the city include the Catholic Easter in March/April, which is celebrated with ceremonies, parades and processions. In addition, on July 16, the Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen takes place, which is also celebrated with processions and street parades. From September 18 to 19, the Fiestas Patrias take place, with rodeos, barbecues, music, dancing and various events.

US citizens will receive a tourist card (Tarjeta de Turismo) upon arrival at the airport, which entitles them to stay for up to 90 days. Visas are not required but passports must be valid for at least six months upon entry. In addition, a return or onward flight ticket is necessary. Vaccinations against hepatitis A, typhoid, tetanus and diphtheria are recommended but not mandatory. It should be noted at this point that there is a strict ban on importing fresh food and plants. Violation of this ban is punishable by fines and also imprisonment. In addition, cash or securities worth more than $10,000.00 must be declared to customs. It should also be noted that the consumption of raw meat, poultry, fish or egg dishes should be avoided. In addition, pickpocketing is common in Santiago de Chile on public transportation, at bus stations and in crowded places.



From the airport to the city

When traveling to and from the airport, visitors can use the Centropuerto bus to get from the airport to the city center and back. The one-way fare is around 1,500 CLP. Alternatively, take the TurBus, which will cost around 1,600 CLP per ticket. To get from the airport to the city by cab, expect to pay from 15,000 CLP. Cheap accommodation can be found in guesthouses or backpacker hostels. Here a stay is priced from about 10,000 CLP per night. In three-star hotels, the prices for an overnight stay are around 30,000 CLP per person. The public transportation network in Santiago de Chile is very well developed and has five metro lines and 151 bus lines. A ticket here costs approximately from 640 CLP. In any case, it is advisable to invest in the so-called bip! card, a rechargeable chip card of "Transantiago" which allows discounted prices for trips by bus or train. Trips by cab are more expensive, but cheaper than in the USA: you will pay about 1,200 CLP per kilometer.