Flights from Chicago to Denver

Whether you are rushing over for a business meeting or are heading over for some mountain air in the mile high city, the route from Chicago (CHI) to Denver (DEN) has a lot to offer. The flight time is usually around 3 hours, covering around 920 miles. Airlines offering a direct flight include Spirit, United, American, Frontier, US Airways and Southwest.


Cheap flights from Chicago to Denver

Fortunately, popular flight routes like these are not short of cheap tickets. This one is no different. To purchase a low cost flight to Denver though, it is important to compare prices and availability online. Taking hand luggage only, flexibility in the dates of travel, booking during the off-peak season and buying an air ticket well in advance of travel will greatly help to keep prices down.


Destination Denver

Denver has a diverse array of attractions drawing travelers to its streets such as a popular zoo and beautiful botanical gardens. What is even better is that they are all easily reached upon landing. The airport has a Ground Transportation counter (located in the central area on level 5 of the Jeppesen terminal) to advise travelers on the manifold bus, commuter shuttles and taxi services on offer. Hotel shuttles are also provided as a courtesy by most of the hotels within the immediate vicinity of the airport.


Tips for booking a flight from Chicago to Denver

Need a flight connection during the week or on the weekend? idealo has the information you need to find the perfect flight from Chicago to Denver. Ticket prices for the route were compared in the flight database: The cheapest tickets for connections start at $34. Ticket prices for flights on Tuesdays and Sundays can cost up to 43 % more than flights on any other day of the week.

The fastest direct flights from Chicago to Denver

For fliers in a hurry direct flights are definitely worth considering to reduce your travel time. For daily direct flights you can book your trip with American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines or United Airlines in July, August, September, October, November and December. At only $34 per ticket these are the most affordable prices in our database. Ticket prices for stopover flights start at $102, but if you're more interested in direct flights you can find tickets for as little as $34. After checking the flight database for this route, it is clear that only 23 % of idealo users choose stopover flights, while 48 % choose direct flights. Concerning stopover flights idealo users choose stops in Seattle-Tacoma or Minneapolis most often. If you're looking for the fastest stopover connection, choose a flight with a stop in Minneapolis and enjoy a flight duration of 4 hours and 31 minutes. This connection is only 2 hours and 2 minutes longer than a direct flight. Take advantage of our price comparison service and book the best deals on offer, whether you want to fly with American Airlines or another airline.