Airport Tokyo-Haneda International Airport

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Flight Tokyo Haneda (HND) - Sapporo-Shin-Chitose (CTS)
Hokkaido International Airlines/Air Do (HD15, HD23, HD31, HD21), ANA All Nippon Airways (NH4715, NH4723, NH4731, NH4721)

Airport Tokyo-Haneda International Airport

Tokyo Haneda International Airport is an international airport in Tokyo. It is 10 km from downtown in the Ota district and is one of the two main airports in the Greater Tokyo Area.

Despite the mention of international in Tokyo airport's name, in contrast to Tokyo-Narita International Airport, which since 1978 has been exclusively operating international flights, this airport is used for domestic flights along with a few international flights.

Tokyo airport was renamed Haneda AFB (Air Force Base) in September 1945 by the Americans and is therefore often referred to as Haneda airport in order to distinguish it from Narita airport which was named New Tokyo International Airport a short time ago.

Opened in 1931, in 2003 Tokyo-Haneda Airport was the fourth largest airport worldwide after Atlanta, Chicago and London-Heathrow. It is the largest airport in ist Japan, the busiest in Asia and in 2005 was the 5th busiest airport worldwide although almost all flights are operated within Japan.

In the 30s flights went to destinations in Japan and Manchuria, 1947 the first international flights were operated by Northwest Orient in the United States, to China, South Korea and the Philippines. In 1955, Japan Airlines began operating its first domestic flights from Haneda Airport and in 1952 parts of the base were given back to Japan by the U.S. Military. These became known as Tokyo International Airport. The rest of the base was given back to Japan in 1958.

European airlines took up flights from Tokyo Haneda in the 1950s. BOAC flew to London and SAS via Anchorage to Copenhagen. JAL and Aeroflot cooperated in 1967 on the route to Moscow. Other airlines at Haneda during this time included Pan Am, Sabena, Swissair, Canadian Pacific Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways and Air Siam. Pan Am and Northwest Orient also used Haneda Airport as regional hub in Asia.

In 1975 Japan Asia Airways flew to Taipei, sometime later China Airlines flew to Taipei and Honolulu. Until 2002 China Airlines' route to Taiwan was the exception at the domestic airport Haneda Airport. In 2003, international flights were again taken up with charter flights to Gimpo International Airport in Seoul, South Korea and All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, Japan Airlines and Korean Air with two flights a day. Since China Airlines has moved its international flights to Narita, this is the only regular international flight.

Tokyo-Haneda Airport could however grow in importance in the future. Expanding the international Terminal is already being planned as Narita will soon have reached its full capacity. Shuttle flights to Shanghai are being discussed and could be operated to the domestic Shanghai-Hongqiao Airport. Currently, passengers travel to Kansai Airport for international flights in Japan, in order to save time reaching Narita.

All 3 Terminals are managed by the private Japan Airport Terminal Co. Ltd., the rest of the airport is operated by the Japanese government.

The new West Passenger Terminal "Big Bird" was completed in 1993 and is now the domestic terminal, also known as Terminal 1. It has become a base for JAL, Skymark Airlines and Skynet Asia Airways. The national domestic airlines All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Hokkaido International Airlines (AirDo) are based at Terminal 2, opened in 2004. In contrast to Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, Air Do does not operate international flights

A free shuttle bus links the main terminals with the smaller International Terminal. Haneda Airport is accessible using the Tokyo Monorail and Keihin Kyuko Railway. Since 1969, the Tokyo Monorail has been operating a service between Haneda and Central Tokyo. It was completed in time for the Olympics in Tokyo. The second rail link Keihin Kyuko (Keikyu) has existed since 1998 and also serves Yokohama. Scheduled buses also connect Haneda airport with many of the towns in the Kantō region. Taxis are also available for shorter routes for example to Ginza, the Tokyo Station area, Shibuya and Shinjuku .
  • URL: Official website
  • Time zone: GMT 9
  • Service telephone: 81-3-5757-8111
  • Address: Tokyo - Haneda Airport, 3-2, Haneda Airport 3-Chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan
  • Operating company: Tokyo Aviation Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Flugfeld); Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. (Terminals)
  • Parking: yes; paid short and long term parking.
  • Nearby cities: Kawasaki (7 km), Tokio (15 km), Yokohama (16 km), Urayasu (16 km), Ichikawa (23 km), Chofu (24 km), Kisarazu (24 km), Funabashi (24 km), Mitaka (25 km), Musashino (26 km)
  • Directions by car: Haneda Airport Station (airport): Keihin Kyuko (Keikyu) Railway; Terminals: Tokyo Monorail to JR Hamamatsucho Station; Tokyo main station.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.33%), Tuesday (13.97%), Wednesday (14.05%), Thursday (14.26%), Friday (14.29%), Saturday (14.45%), Sunday (14.64%)
  • Alternative spelling: Tokyo-Haneda Airport, Tokyo International Airport, Токио-Ханеда, То́кио-Ханэда, Токіо-Ханеда, נמל התעופה טוקיו האנדה, مطار طوكيو هانيدا الدولي, فرودگاه هانه‌دا, โตเกียวฮาเนดะ, ท่าอากาศยานนานาชาติโตเกียว, 도쿄 국제공항, 東京国際空港, 東京國際機場, 東京羽田, 东京羽田

Most popular destinations from Tokyo-Haneda International Airport (Flights per week )

  1. Airport Fukuoka (416, 6,08 %)
  2. Airport Okinawa-Ryukyo Island-Naha (248, 3,62 %)
  3. Airport Kumamoto (184, 2,69 %)
  4. Airport Miyazaki (184, 2,69 %)
  5. Airport Kita Kyushu (178, 2,60 %)
  6. Airport Kagoshima (176, 2,57 %)
  7. Airport Nagasaki (144, 2,10 %)
  8. Airport Hiroshima (136, 1,99 %)
  9. Airport Takamatsu (104, 1,52 %)
  10. Airport Ube Yamaguchi (104, 1,52 %)
  11. other (72.62 %)

Top airlines (percentage of departures and arrivals)

  1. ANA All Nippon Airways (6036, 43,56 %)
  2. Japan Airlines (4640, 33,48 %)
  3. Hokkaido International Airlines/Air Do (556, 4,01 %)
  4. StarFlyer (441, 3,18 %)
  5. Solaseed Air (416, 3,00 %)
  6. Korean Air (360, 2,60 %)
  7. Delta Air Lines (204, 1,47 %)
  8. Asiana Airlines (136, 0,98 %)
  9. Philippine Airlines (116, 0,84 %)
  10. United Airlines (100, 0,72 %)
  11. other (6.16 %)