Tips for finding the best connections from Fort Lauderdale to Islip - Long Island

You'll find the best deals for flights from Fort Lauderdale to Islip - Long Island with idealo's great price comparison system. A quick search through the database shows that prices start at a reasonable $126. US Airways is chosen most of the time by idealo customers, making it the most frequently used airline for this route.

One-stop connections – the cheapest way to travel

Travelers interested in a connection with stopovers, rather than a direct flight, can save up to $5. Flights with stopovers start at $126 and are perfect for travelers looking for the most affordable flights, but travelers with limited time should consider direct flights, which can cost $131. After checking the flight database for this flight, we've found that 32 % of users choose stopover connections, while only 17 % choose direct flights. For stopover connections flights with stops in Philadelphia are very popular. If you want to take the fastest stopover connection, choose this flight and enjoy a flight time of 7 hours and 28 minutes. This flight is only 4 hours and 43 minutes longer than a direct flight. Whether you are looking for a stopover or a direct flight, here at idealo we can find the right offer for you.