Tips for finding the best flights from Atlanta to Santa Ana, CA

With help from idealo you can find a great deal for the connection from Atlanta to Santa Ana, CA. We will find the information for you. An analysis of the database shows that tickets for flights from Atlanta to Santa Ana, CA start at a reasonable $177. It is significantly more expensive to fly in August. You'd be booking the most expensive tickets of the year as they can cost up to 68 % more than the annual average. Ticket prices for flights on Saturdays can cost up to 68 % more than flights on any other day of the week.

Travel faster with direct flights from Atlanta to Santa Ana, CA

American Airlines and United Airlines offer the cheapest prices for direct flights starting at $177.

Save even more with one-stop flights

Travelers interested in a connection with stopovers, rather than a direct flight, can save up to $30. Stopover flights start at $177 and are great for travelers looking for the cheapest flights, but travelers with limited time should consider direct flights, which can cost $207. After checking our database, it is apparent that 42 % of idealo users opt for stopover connections and only 23 % prefer direct flights. The most popular stopover flights are those with stops in Phoenix - Sky Harbor or Dallas. The fastest stopover flight lands in Phoenix - Sky Harbor and has a flight duration of 6 hours and 22 minutes. This flight takes only one hour and 52 minutes longer than a direct flight. Whether you want to fly with American Airlines or another airline from Atlanta to Santa Ana, CA – let us help you book the best deal on offer.