Tips for booking a flight from Orlando to New York

You'll find the best deals for flights from Orlando to New York with idealo's handy price comparison system. We've taken a look at the flight database and found that the lowest ticket prices for the route start at $104. Try to be careful when booking flights in December or March as they can be significantly more expensive. Tickets in these months can cost up to 63 % more than the yearly average. In comparison to other days of the week, flight prices on Sundays are up to 18 % more expensive. JetBlue Airways is chosen 54 % of the time by idealo customers, making it the most frequently used airline for this route.

Get to your destination faster with direct flights from Orlando to New York

For travelers pressed for time direct flights are definitely worth considering to reduce your travel time. For daily direct flights you can book your trip with American Airlines or JetBlue Airways in July, August, September, October, November and December. The most affordable ticket prices for flights with stopovers start at $105 and for direct flights at as little as $104. Looking through our database, it is apparent that only 22 % of our users opt for stopover connections and 67 % prefer direct flights. The most popular stopover flights are those with stops in Charlotte or Washington DC. If you're looking for the fastest stopover connection, choose these flights and enjoy a flight duration of 4 hours and 10 minutes. These flights are only 2 hours and 25 minutes longer than a direct flight. Whether you prefer American Airlines or another airline from Orlando to New York, here at idealo we can find the perfect deal for you.