When is the best time to take a trip from Los Angeles to Washington DC? Find out with idealo

You'll find the best deals for flights from Los Angeles to Washington DC with idealo's great price comparison system. A quick search through the database shows that prices start at a reasonable $127. Alaska Airlines is chosen 75 % of the time by idealo customers, making it the most frequently used airline for this route.

Time-saving direct flights from Los Angeles to Washington DC

With direct flights you won't need to worry about transfers or waiting at the airport on your way to Washington DC. Find one every day with either American Airlines or Alaska Airlines.

Save even more with one-stop flights

Those interested in a connection with stopovers, rather than a direct flight, can save up to $44. Connections with stopovers start at $127 and are perfect for those looking for the most economical flights, but those pressed for time should consider direct flights, which can cost $171. Only 25 % of users choose stopover flights, whereas 27 % prefer direct flights. For stopover connections flights with stops in Dallas or Dallas are very popular. If you're looking for the fastest stopover connection, choose a flight with a stop in Dallas and enjoy a flight time of 6 hours and 42 minutes. This connection takes only one hour and 40 minutes longer than a direct flight. Whether you want to fly in July or another month – we hope that you find the right connection with our help.