When is the best time to take a trip from Honolulu to Washington-DC? Find out here

Get the best deals for flights from Honolulu to Washington-DC with idealo's excellent price comparison system. Ticket prices for the route were compared in the flight database: The cheapest tickets for flights start at $374. It costs significantly more to fly in August. In this month tickets can cost up to 45 % more than the yearly average. In comparison to other days of the week, flights on Saturdays are up to 25 % more expensive. For daily direct flights you can book your trip with United Airlines in July.

Save money with one-stop flights

Travelers interested in flying with stopovers, rather than a direct flight, can save up to $855. Prices for flights with stopovers start at $402, but if you're more interested in direct flights you can find tickets for $1257. After an analysis of the flight database for this flight, it is clear that 57 % of users prefer stopover flights. The most popular stopover flights are those with stops in Seattle-Tacoma, Los Angeles or San Francisco. With a flight duration of 11 hours and 46 minutes, flights that land in San Francisco are the fastest connections with a stopover. Whether you want to fly with a stopover in Seattle-Tacoma or another airport, here at idealo we can find the right flight for you.