Airport Toulon-Hyeres

Airport Toulon-Hyeres

The southern French Airport Toulon-Hyéres, also known by its former name of „Hyères - Le Palyvestre", is on the French Riviera in the Département Var, belonging to the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. The nearest larger airport is the Aéroport Marseille. The airport is managed by the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Var.
  • URL: Official website
  • Time zone: GMT 1
  • Service telephone: +33 825 01 83 87
  • Address: Aéroport de Toulon - Hyères, Boulevard de la Marine, 83400 Hyères Cedex, France
  • Operating company: Chambre de Commerce et d?Industrie du Var
  • Parking: yes, 1000 parking spaces liable to a charge.
  • Nearby cities: Toulon (17 km), Marseille (65 km), Aix-en-Provence (75 km)
  • Directions by car: From the A57 motorway turn off to the A570/N98 to the exit of the D559; the airport is then signposted.
  • Stations: From the main station Gare de Touloun there is a daily shuttle service to the airport operated by the local transport provider Sodetrav.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (12.00%), Tuesday (12.92%), Wednesday (14.15%), Thursday (14.15%), Friday (18.15%), Saturday (13.23%), Sunday (15.38%)
  • Alternative spelling: טולון, Tolone, Tolón, Тулон, तुलों, ტულონი, تولون, ตูลง, Toulon-Le Palyvestre, Τουλόν, トゥーロン, 툴롱, 土伦, 土倫

Most popular destinations from Toulon-Hyeres (Flights per week )

  1. Airport Paris-Orly (15, 40,54 %)
  2. Airport Charleroi Brussels South (4, 10,81 %)
  3. Airport Brest (3, 8,11 %)
  4. other (40.54 %)

Top airlines (percentage of departures and arrivals)

  1. Transavia France (52, 70,27 %)
  2. easyJet (12, 16,22 %)
  3. other (13.51 %)

The airport is about 20 km east of Toulon, a mere 4 km from the port of Hyères. Arriving by car, please take the A57 motorway turning off near the port of La Garde onto the A570/N 98, after about 8 km take the exit to the D559; from there the airport is signposted. At the airport there are 1000 parking spaces.