Airport Istanbul

64 cheap direct flights from & to Istanbul (IST)

Flight Frankfurt (FRA) - Istanbul (IST)
Deutsche Lufthansa (LH1304, LH1298), Turkish Airlines (TK1588, TK1598, TK1594), United Airlines (UA9062, UA6903), ANA All Nippon Airways (NH5883)
Flight Istanbul (IST) - Kabul (KBL)
Turkish Airlines (TK706, TK704), Kam Air (RQ910), Ariana Afghan Airlines (FG714, FG720)
Flight Istanbul (IST) - Frankfurt (FRA)
Deutsche Lufthansa (LH1299, LH1305), Turkish Airlines (TK1587, TK1593), ANA All Nippon Airways (NH5882), United Airlines (UA6899, UA9127), Air Canada (AC9476)
Flight Munich (MUC) - Istanbul (IST)
Turkish Airlines (TK1634, TK1636, TK1630, TK1638), United Airlines (UA6913, UA6911, UA6914), Asiana Airlines (OZ6926)
Flight New York (NYC) - Istanbul (IST)
Turkish Airlines (TK4, TK12, TK2, TK14), Avianca (AV6624), Singapore Airlines (SQ6202)
Flight Islamabad (ISB) - Istanbul (IST)
Turkish Airlines (TK711), Pakistan International Airlines (PK5711)
Flight Istanbul (IST) - Dubai (DXB)
Emirates Airline (EK124, EK122), Turkish Airlines (TK762, TK760), ANA All Nippon Airways (NH6644), Qantas Airways (QF8122, QF8124), Royal Brunei Airlines (BI3601)
Flight Belgrade (BEG) - Istanbul (IST)
Turkish Airlines (TK1084, TK1082), AtlasGlobal (KK2628, KK2626), Air Serbia (JU9403)
Flight Casablanca (CMN) - Istanbul (IST)
Royal Air Maroc (AT910, AT9400), Turkish Airlines (TK8305, TK618)
Flight Istanbul (IST) - Helsinki (HEL)
SAS Scandinavian Airlines (SK3408, SK3422), Turkish Airlines (TK1761, TK1763)
Flight Istanbul (IST) - Cologne (CGN)
Turkish Airlines (TK1675, TK1673, TK1671, TK1677)
Flight Istanbul (IST) - Dusseldorf (DUS)
Onur Air (8Q415), AtlasGlobal (KK2075), Turkish Airlines (TK1523, TK1527, TK1529), bmi regional (BM6308, BM6304, BM6310)
Flight Istanbul (IST) - Munich (MUC)
Turkish Airlines (TK1633, TK1635, TK1629, TK1637), United Airlines (UA6909, UA6907, UA6910), Asiana Airlines (OZ6925)
Flight Istanbul (IST) - Berlin (BER)
Turkish Airlines (TK1723, TK1725, TK1721, TK1727, TK1293), Onur Air (8Q475)
Flight Istanbul (IST) - Vienna (VIE)
Turkish Airlines (TK1887, TK1889, TK1885, TK1883, TK1903), Asiana Airlines (OZ6921), Malindo Air (OD9207)
Flight Istanbul (IST) - Casablanca (CMN)
Royal Air Maroc (AT911, AT9401), Turkish Airlines (TK8304, TK617)
Flight Sirnak (NKT) - Istanbul (IST)
Turkish Airlines (TK2667)
Flight Istanbul (IST) - Hamburg (HAM)
Turkish Airlines (TK1663, TK1661, TK1667), bmi regional (BM6316, BM6314, BM6320, BM6318, BM6312)
Flight Istanbul (IST) - Stuttgart (STR)
Turkish Airlines (TK1703, TK1701, TK1709, TK1705)
Flight Chicago (CHI) - Istanbul (IST)
Turkish Airlines (TK6), Singapore Airlines (SQ6206), Pakistan International Airlines (PK5006)

Airport Istanbul

Istanbul Airport is a new airport in the city of Istanbul. The airport was opened in October 2018, but will probably not begin to fully operate until the summer of 2019. It will then replace Istanbul-Atatürk Airport as the main airport in the city.

  • URL: Official website
  • Time zone: GMT 2
  • Service telephone: +90 444 1 442
  • Address: İstanbul Havalimanı, Mahallesi Terminal Caddesi, No:1 Arnavutköy/İstanbul, Türkiye
  • Operating company: IGA Havalimanı İşletmesi A.Ş.
  • Parking: 40,000 parking spaces are planned: 18,000 indoors, the others in an open parking lot.
  • Nearby cities: Esenyurt (13 km), Istanbul (13 km), Gebze (56 km), Çorlu (88 km), Bursa (90 km), Izmit (96 km), Bandırma (99 km)
  • Directions by car: Currently only buses (up to 140 shuttle buses daily)
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.48%), Tuesday (13.92%), Wednesday (14.03%), Thursday (14.00%), Friday (14.49%), Saturday (14.69%), Sunday (14.39%)
  • Alternative spelling: İstanbul Havalimanı, İstanbul Yeni Havalimanı, Mevlana Havalimanı

Most popular destinations from Istanbul (Flights per week )

Top airlines (percentage of departures and arrivals)

  1. Turkish Airlines (5235, 81,47 %)
  2. British Airways (64, 1,00 %)
  3. Mahan Air (64, 1,00 %)
  4. Air Algérie (50, 0,78 %)
  5. Air Astana (48, 0,75 %)
  6. Egyptair (48, 0,75 %)
  7. Emirates Airline (48, 0,75 %)
  8. Iraqi Airways (42, 0,65 %)
  9. Middle East Airlines (40, 0,62 %)
  10. Kuwait Airways (32, 0,50 %)
  11. other (11.73 %)

The airport is located approximately 40 km northwest of Taksim Square near the district of Tayakadin. It can be reached via the O-6 motorway and the D-020 highway.

At the moment there is only a shuttle bus service operating to and from the new airport. This is operated by the Istanbul city administration and the private company İstanbul Otobüs A.Ş. The buses run regularly between the airport and the following stops: IST1-Yenikapi, IST2-Tüyap, IST3 Bus Station, IST7-Kozyatağı, IST19-Taksim, H2-Mecidiyeköy, H3-Halkali, H4-Atatürk Airport.

An airport metro station is currently under construction and is expected to open in the summer of 2019.

Istanbul Atatürk Airport has been at the limit of its capacity for years. Expansion is only possible to a limited extent due to housing close to the airport. For this reason, the city administration decided to develop an entirely new airport. A disused colliery was chosen as a suitable location for the project, which is located approximately 40 km northwest of Taksim Square near the districts of Yeniköy and Akpinar. The foundation stone was officially put in place in June 2014. Construction will be carried out in a total of four stages and is expected to be completed by 2027. Once completed, the airport will be able to handle up to 200 million passengers a year, making it the world's largest airport.