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27 cheap direct flights from & to Burbank (BUR)

Flight Burbank (BUR) - Las Vegas (LAS)
JetBlue Airways (B65256, B65250, B65252, B65254, B65258, B65262), Southwest Airlines (WN344, WN824)
Flight Las Vegas (LAS) - Burbank (BUR)
JetBlue Airways (B65255, B65257, B65259, B65261, B65253, B65265), Southwest Airlines (WN1971, WN546)
Flight Phoenix - Sky Harbor (PHX) - Burbank (BUR)
American Airlines (AA5859, AA5972, AA5762, AA3210, AA5743), Southwest Airlines (WN380, WN494, WN249)
Flight Burbank (BUR) - San Francisco (SFO)
United Airlines (UA5223, UA5616, UA5362, UA5788), Copa Airlines (CM1082, CM1081), Avianca (AV2349, AV2347)
Flight Burbank (BUR) - New York (NYC)
JetBlue Airways (B6358, B62358), El Al Israel Airlines (LY8624), Emirates Airline (EK6142), Qatar Airways (QR4070, QR3828), Southwest Airlines (WN2772, WN3567)
Flight Burbank (BUR) - Seattle-Tacoma (SEA)
Alaska Airlines (AS1021, AS1549, AS589, AS639, AS511), American Airlines (AA6936, AA6940), Japan Airlines (JL6359)
Flight Burbank (BUR) - Oakland (OAK)
JetBlue Airways (B65276, B65280, B65282, B65284), Southwest Airlines (WN1888, WN1905, WN2066, WN2338)
Flight Oakland (OAK) - Burbank (BUR)
JetBlue Airways (B65281, B65277, B65283, B65285), Southwest Airlines (WN824, WN4660, WN55, WN171)
Flight Tampa (TPA) - Burbank (BUR)
Southwest Airlines (WN2382, WN1592, WN3144, WN3587, WN3811, WN5032, WN1209, WN1923)
Flight Burbank (BUR) - New Orleans (MSY)
Southwest Airlines (WN49, WN4739, WN3564)
Flight Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) - Burbank (BUR)
Alaska Airlines (AS1148, AS1054, AS1578, AS520, AS578), Japan Airlines (JL6358), American Airlines (AA6995, AA6994)
Flight Atlanta (ATL) - Burbank (BUR)
Delta Air Lines (DL395), Southwest Airlines (WN690, WN2254, WN2353, WN2612, WN2193, WN2007, WN4143)
Flight Burbank (BUR) - Phoenix - Sky Harbor (PHX)
American Airlines (AA5859, AA5972, AA5835, AA3210, AA5743), Southwest Airlines (WN1592, WN2006, WN382)
Flight Burbank (BUR) - Atlanta (ATL)
Delta Air Lines (DL396, DL352, DL395, DL351, DL1121), Southwest Airlines (WN3996, WN2144, WN5314)
Flight Burbank (BUR) - Austin (AUS)
Southwest Airlines (WN1425, WN2567, WN1803, WN3692, WN5632, WN464, WN5456, WN2141)
Flight Burbank (BUR) - Boston (BOS)
JetBlue Airways (B62338), Southwest Airlines (WN382, WN5176, WN2100)
Flight Burbank (BUR) - Baltimore (BWI)
Southwest Airlines (WN419, WN934, WN382, WN1917, WN2, WN4866, WN5250, WN5537)
Flight Baltimore (BWI) - Burbank (BUR)
Southwest Airlines (WN1971, WN2141, WN2314, WN2318, WN1905, WN2048, WN558, WN3587)
Flight Burbank (BUR) - Dallas (DFW)
American Airlines (AA2835, AA2599, AA2496), British Airways (BA5026, BA5234)
Flight Burbank (BUR) - Denver (DEN)
Air Canada (AC4480, AC5808), United Airlines (UA5206, UA5552, UA5181), Copa Airlines (CM1191), Southwest Airlines (WN249, WN1543)

Airport Burbank, CA

Bob Hope Airport, also known as Burbank Airport is located in the administrative district of Los Angeles County, which currently has the largest population of the entire United States. The airport is designed especially for passengers visiting Hollywood / Beverly Hills or Disneyland / Magic Mountain.
  • URL: Burbank, CA (BUR)
  • Time zone: GMT -8
  • Service telephone: +1 818 840-8840
  • Address: Burbank - Bob Hope Airport, 2627 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505, USA
  • Operating company: Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority
  • Parking: Yes, paid short-term and long-term parking.
  • Nearby cities: Burbank (5 km), North Glendale (10 km), Glendale (12 km), Los Angeles (20 km), Pasadena (21 km), East Los Angeles (26 km), Santa Clarita (27 km), Inglewood (27 km), El Monte (34 km), Downey (36 km)
  • Directions by car: From Burbank on the Interstate 5 to exit #149, then follow the signs
  • Stations: The airport is linked with the Amtrak rail network.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (15.11%), Tuesday (13.74%), Wednesday (15.07%), Thursday (16.11%), Friday (16.36%), Saturday (9.03%), Sunday (14.57%)
  • Alternative spelling: Bob Hope Airport, CA, Бербанк,(Калифорния), Бърбанк, Μπέρμπανκ, Бурбанк, ברבנק, بربانك, بوربانك, バーバンク, 버뱅크, 伯班克, เบอร์แบงก์

Most popular destinations from Burbank, CA (Flights per week )

Top airlines (percentage of departures and arrivals)

  1. Southwest Airlines (1737, 61,79 %)
  2. American Airlines (144, 5,12 %)
  3. Air Canada (140, 4,98 %)
  4. Alaska Airlines (112, 3,98 %)
  5. Delta Air Lines (63, 2,24 %)
  6. Spirit Airlines (48, 1,71 %)
  7. EVA Airways (47, 1,67 %)
  8. Copa Airlines (34, 1,21 %)
  9. Qatar Airways (33, 1,17 %)
  10. British Airways (32, 1,14 %)
  11. other (14.99 %)

Rail passengers have easy access to the Amtrak trains at the nearby Bob Hope Airport Train Station. The trip from Los Angeles Downtown only lasts 30 minutes.

The airport is about 4 miles northwest of downtown Burbank. Motorists should take the Interstate Highway 5 from Burbank to exit # 149 and follow the signs to the airport grounds.