Airport Balmaceda Vidal

Airport Balmaceda Vidal

Balmaceda Airport is an important regional airport in Chile. Balmaceda is in the southern region Aisén, by the border with Argentina. From Balmaceda, regular flights are operated all year round to Punta Arenas or the capital Santiago de Chile, from here further connections are available.
  • URL: Balmaceda Vidal (BBA)
  • Time zone: GMT -4
  • Service telephone: +56 67 272-126
  • Address: Aeródromo Balmaceda, Camino Aeródromo Balmaceda s/n Coihaique, Region XI, Chile
  • Operating company: Dirección de Aeronautica Civil de Chile (DGAC)
  • Parking: yes; there are plenty of parking spaces at the airport.
  • Directions by car: The airport is by the town.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (15.52%), Tuesday (13.76%), Wednesday (11.62%), Thursday (13.23%), Friday (15.90%), Saturday (11.62%), Sunday (18.35%)
  • Alternative spelling: Балмаседа, Μπαλμασέντα, Бальмаседа, Балмацеда, بلماسيدا, Բալմասեդա, 巴爾馬塞達, 巴尔马塞达, バルマセダ, 발마세다

Most popular destinations from Balmaceda Vidal (Flights per week )

Top airlines (percentage of departures and arrivals)

  1. LATAM Chile (64, 47,06 %)
  2. Sky Airline (46, 33,82 %)
  3. JetSmart (22, 16,18 %)
  4. other (2.94 %)

The airport is directly by the town of Balmaceda, about 55 km or 35 miles south west of the regional capital Coihaique. It is easy to reach on the main road (Ruta) #245.