Airport Shizuoka

Airport Shizuoka

Shizuoka Airport, also known as Mount Fuji Shizouka Airport, is a regional commercial airport on the Japanese island of Honshu and hub of Fuji Dream Airlines. There are regular scheduled flights from Shizuoka to Sapporo, Fukuoka and Kagoshima, and international flights to Seoul and Shanghai.
  • URL: Shizuoka (FSZ)
  • Time zone: GMT 9
  • Service telephone: +81 547 38-5788
  • Address: Shizouka Airport, Makinohara-shi, Shimada-shi, Honshu, Japan
  • Operating company: Shizuoka Prefecture & Mt. Fuji Shizouka Airport Co. Ltd.
  • Parking: Yes, there are approximately 2,000 free parking spaces at the airport.
  • Directions by car: Access to the airport is near highway 473 and the Tomei Expressway, near the village and about 38 km or 23 miles south west Makohinara of Shizouka City.
  • Stations: Shizouka, Shimada, Kakegawa and Hamamatsu are served by Tokaido Shikansen trains (Kyoto - Nagoya - Tokyo).
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (13.17%), Tuesday (17.95%), Wednesday (12.74%), Thursday (12.74%), Friday (17.95%), Saturday (12.74%), Sunday (12.74%)
  • Alternative spelling: Şizuoka, Šizuoka, Шизуока, Шидзуока, Сидзуока, Сідзуока, Σιζουόκα, شيزوكا, شیزوئوکا, شیزوکا, שיזאוקה, शिझुओका, ชิซุโอะกะ, 시즈오카 시, 静岡市, 靜岡市, 静冈市

Most popular destinations from Shizuoka (Flights per week )

  1. Fukuoka (40, 40,40 %)
  2. Sapporo-Shin-Chitose Airport (8, 8,08 %)
  3. Izumo (8, 8,08 %)
  4. Kumamoto (8, 8,08 %)
  5. Kagoshima (8, 8,08 %)
  6. Sapporo-Okadama (8, 8,08 %)
  7. Taiwan-Taoyuan (3, 3,03 %)
  8. other (16.17 %)

Opened in June 2009, Shizuoka airport is located about 38 km or 24 miles south west of Shizuoka City between the towns of Shimada and Makinohara. Shizuoka airport is accessible via highway 473, on the Tomei Expressway and on highway 73.

There is a regular bus service between the airport and the surrounding cities Shizouka, Shimada, Kakegawa and Hamamatsu, operated by Shizutetsu Justline and Enshu Railway. From there, trains serve Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo with the Tokaido Shikansen or JR Tokaido Local Line. In Hamamatsu, there is also a rail connection with Enshu Railway to Nishi-Kajima. Alternatively, please take a taxi or hire car.