Airport Porbandar

Porbandar Airport is an important regional airport in the West Indian State of Gujarat.
  • URL: Porbandar (PBD)
  • Time zone: GMT 5.5
  • Service telephone: +91 286-22 22-234
  • Address: Porbandar Airport, Porbandar, 360575 Gujarat, Republic of India
  • Operating company: Airports Authority of India (AAI)
  • Nearby cities: Porbandar (6 km), Junagadh (85 km), Jetpur (100 km)
  • Directions by car: The airport is about 5 km or 3 miles west of the inner city; the entrance is on the national highway 88.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (11.54%), Tuesday (15.38%), Wednesday (15.38%), Thursday (15.38%), Friday (15.38%), Saturday (15.38%), Sunday (11.54%)
  • Alternative spelling: 포르반다르, 博爾本德爾, 博尔本德尔, ポルバンダル, పోర్‌బందర్, போர்பந்தர், पोरबन्दर, Πορμπαντάρ, Порбандар (Индия), પોરબંદર, پوربندر, بوربندر

The airport is about 5 km or 3 miles west of downtown, on the National Highway 88. Please use a car / taxi or a tuk-tuk (rickshaw) for the onward journey.