Departures Sivas (VAS)

Departures flight plan for Thursday, November 26, 2020*
Flight route
Sivas - Istanbul - Sabiha Gökcen
8.25 pm
Boeing 73H
Airline (Flight number): Turkish Airlines (TK7375)
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Arrivals Sivas (VAS)

Arrivals flight plan for Thursday, November 26, 2020*
Flight route
Istanbul - Sabiha Gökcen - Sivas
7.25 pm
Boeing 73H
Airline (Flight number): Turkish Airlines (TK7374)
Istanbul - Sabiha Gökcen - Sivas
10.50 pm
Airbus 320
Airline (Flight number): Pegasus Airlines (PC2754)
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Airport Sivas

Sivas Airport is an important nationally operating commercial and military airport in Turkey. It is situated near the provincial capital of the same name in central Anatolia. The airport is administered by the Turkish Aviation Authority and the Turkish Air Force.
  • URL: Sivas (VAS)
  • Time zone: GMT 2
  • Service telephone: +90 346 224 86-87
  • Address: Sivas Havaalanı, Sivas, 58000, Sivas, Türkiye
  • Operating company: Turkish State Airports Authority - DHMI / Turkish Air Forces Command
  • Parking: Parking for approximately 30 cars.
  • Nearby cities: Sivas (12 km), Tokat (63 km), Turhal (95 km)
  • Directions by car: The airport is located near the D-200/E88, about 14 miles north west of Sivas, on the road 58-80.
  • Stations: Head for Sivas main station and then either take a taxi or a dolmus to the airport.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.55%), Tuesday (17.19%), Wednesday (14.55%), Thursday (11.92%), Friday (15.93%), Saturday (12.17%), Sunday (13.68%)
  • Alternative spelling: Sêwaz, Sêwas, Siwas, Σεβάστεια, Сывас, Сівас, Сивас, سیواس, سيفاس, סיווס, სივასი, Սեբաստիա, スィヴァス, 錫瓦斯, 锡瓦斯

Most popular destinations from Sivas (Flights per week )

  1. Istanbul (16, 47,06 %)
  2. Istanbul - Sabiha Gökcen (16, 47,06 %)
  3. other (5.88 %)

Airport opened in 1957 is located about 14 miles northwest of Sivas. From Sivas use the long-distance road D-200/E-88 (Siva-Yozgat Yolu) in a westerly direction to the junction on the road 58-80. Follow this for about 7 miles towards Yazıbaşı and then follow the signs to the airport grounds.

Rail and bus passengers head for head for Sivas main rail or bus station and then take a minibus (dolmus) or a taxi to the airport.