Departures Sary Dashte Naz (SRY)

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Arrivals Sary Dashte Naz (SRY)

Arrivals flight plan for Saturday, January 16, 2021*
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Mashhad - Sary Dashte Naz
8.25 pm
Avions de Transport Régional AT7
Airline (Flight number): Iran Air (IR3369)
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Airport Sary Dashte Naz

Sary - Dasht-e Naz Airport is one of the important commercial airports in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Sary, often also spelled Sari, is the capital of the northern Iranian province Māzandarān. From Sary regular scheduled flights are operated for example to Tehran or Mashhad, from here further national and international flights are available.
  • URL: Sary Dashte Naz (SRY)
  • Time zone: GMT 3.5
  • Service telephone: +98 (151) 32-45-417
  • Operating company: Ministry of Road and Transportation - Iranian Airports Holding Company
  • Parking: Yes; parking is available.
  • Nearby cities: Sari (14 km), Babol (47 km), Āmol (76 km)
  • Directions by car: Access to the airport is on the the main road to Neka, about 21 km or 17 miles northeast of downtown.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (16.39%), Tuesday (16.39%), Wednesday (16.39%), Thursday (11.48%), Friday (16.39%), Saturday (13.11%), Sunday (9.84%)
  • Alternative spelling: Dasht-e Naz, Sari (Iran), Σάρι (Ιράν), Szari (Irán), Сари (Иран), Сорӣ (Эрон), ساری, ساري, سارى-إيران, サーリー (イラン), 薩里市

Most popular destinations from Sary Dashte Naz (Flights per week )

  1. Tehran (Teheran)-Mehrabad (7, 41,18 %)
  2. Ahwaz (3, 17,65 %)
  3. Mashhad (3, 17,65 %)
  4. Shiraz (3, 17,65 %)
  5. other (5.88 %)

Opened in 1993, the airport is about 21 km or 17 miles north east of downtown. It is easy to reach on the main road to Neka.