Airport Richmond International Airport, VA

7 Flight routes from & to Richmond (RIC)

Flight Richmond (RIC) - Los Angeles (LAX)
Southwest Airlines (WN2907, WN714, WN5073)
Flight Richmond (RIC) - Orlando (MCO)
JetBlue Airways (B61169, B6969), Spirit Airlines (NK841), Southwest Airlines (WN2850, WN2793, WN5164, WN4440, WN2324)
Flight Richmond (RIC) - Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
JetBlue Airways (B6645, B61145), Spirit Airlines (NK1735), Emirates Airline (EK6610), Azul Brazilian Airlines (AD7411)
Flight Richmond (RIC) - Miami (MIA)
American Airlines (AA4477, AA4582, AA3670, AA4467)
Flight Boston (BOS) - Richmond (RIC)
Westjet (WS7666, WS7668), Jet Airways (India) (9W7001), Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS4295), JetBlue Airways (B61081, B6381), Delta Air Lines (DL6291), Korean Air (KE3977)
Flight Fort Lauderdale (FLL) - Richmond (RIC)
JetBlue Airways (B61146, B6646), Emirates Airline (EK6609), Azul Brazilian Airlines (AD7410), Spirit Airlines (NK1736), Southwest Airlines (WN3427, WN5423)

Airport Richmond International Airport, VA

Richmond International Airport is one of the major airports in the State of Virginia together with the two airports in the capital of Washington and the airport in Norfolk.
  • URL: Official website
  • Time zone: GMT -5
  • Service telephone: +1 804 226-3000
  • Address: Richmond International Airport, 1 Richard E. Byrd Terminal Drive, Richmond International Airport, VA 23250-2400, USA
  • Operating company: Capital Region Airport Commission
  • Parking: Yes, paid; 8000 short-term and long-term spaces
  • Nearby cities: Richmond (14 km), Newport News (98 km)
  • Directions by car: Either use the Interstate I-64 (exit 197 A/B); Interstate I-295 (exit 25) or the US-Highway 60.
  • Stations: Main Street Station: Amtrak line - "Northeast Regional" and Staples Mill Road Station: Amtrak lines "Carolinian"; "Palmetto"; "Northeast Regional"; "Silver-Meteor/-Star".
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.75%), Tuesday (13.85%), Wednesday (13.81%), Thursday (14.41%), Friday (14.45%), Saturday (13.07%), Sunday (15.66%)
  • Alternative spelling: Richmond Airport, Ричмонд (Виргиния), Рычманд, Ричмънд, Ρίτσμοντ (Βιρτζίνια), ריצ'מונד, ரிச்மண்ட், ریچموند, ريتشموند، فيرجينيا, रिचमंड, वर्जीनिया, 리치먼드 (버지니아 주), リッチモンド (バージニア州), 里士满 (弗吉尼亚州), ริชมอนด์

Most popular destinations from Richmond International Airport, VA (Flights per week )

Top airlines (percentage of departures and arrivals)

  1. United Airlines (819, 32,89 %)
  2. Delta Air Lines (770, 30,92 %)
  3. American Airlines (512, 20,56 %)
  4. Southwest Airlines (189, 7,59 %)
  5. JetBlue Airways (79, 3,17 %)
  6. Hopscotch Air (40, 1,61 %)
  7. Breeze Airways (36, 1,45 %)
  8. Spirit Airlines (32, 1,29 %)
  9. other (0.52 %)

First in use in1927, the airport is about 13 km or 8 miles southeast of downtown Richmond. From outside town, the terminal is best reached using the Interstate Highway I-64 at exit 197 A / B, via U.S. Highway 60 and on the Interstate 295 leaving at exit 25.

Between the terminal and Amtrak - Main Street Station in downtown Richmond, the bus route 56 of GRTC Transit System provides a regular service. Passengers alighting at Amtrak - Staples Mill Road station, please use the 27 bus to downtown and change there. Timetables are available locally.

Otherwise, please use taxis, rental cars, limousines or a private shuttle service for the onward journey.

The airport was founded in 1927 as Richard Evelyn Byrd Flying Field in honour of the pilot Richard E. Byrd, brother of the Governor of Virginia Harry F. Byrd. Although the airport is in Henrico County, the mayor of Richmond, John Fulmer Bright, had a large role to play in the construction of Byrd Field, which originally belonged to Richmond.