Airport Odense

Odense Airport, also known by the name of Beldringe, is a civilian airport in Denmark. It is located on the island of Fyn in the town of Beldringe.
  • URL: Odense (ODE)
  • Time zone: GMT 1
  • Service telephone: +45 65 95 50-72
  • Address: Odense Lufthavn, Lufthavnsvej 131, DK-5270 Odense N, Denmark
  • Operating company: Odense Lufthavn S.m.b.a
  • Parking: Paid parking.
  • Directions by car: The airport is about 7 miles north of Odense, near the village of Beldringe and near the highway 327.
  • Stations: Please head for Odense main station and then take a taxi.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (0.00%), Tuesday (0.00%), Wednesday (5.41%), Thursday (16.22%), Friday (10.81%), Saturday (27.03%), Sunday (40.54%)
  • Alternative spelling: Beldringe, Óðinsvé, Одэнсе, Одэнсэ, Одензе, Оденсе, Όντενσε, Օդենսե, ओडिन्से, ოდენსე, אודנזה, ادنسه, أودنسه, 欧登塞, 오덴세, オーデンセ, โอเดนเซ

The airport is about 7 miles north of Odense. From Odense use the highway 162, just before reaching Lumby, turn off onto the highway 327 and then follow signs to the airport.