Airport Milwaukee - General Mitchell International Airport, WI

15 Flight routes from & to Milwaukee (MKE)

Flight Milwaukee (MKE) - New York (NYC)
Westjet (WS6697, WS6703, WS6699, WS7595, WS6701), Delta Air Lines (DL3740), Deutsche Lufthansa (LH7905), United Airlines (UA4097)
Flight Milwaukee (MKE) - Boston (BOS)
Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS3282, VS3284), Westjet (WS7645), Korean Air (KE3992), Delta Air Lines (DL4145, DL4149, DL4911, DL3720)
Flight Milwaukee (MKE) - Newark (EWR)
Deutsche Lufthansa (LH7905), United Airlines (UA4097, UA4891, UA3616, UA3721, UA4909, UA4890, UA4941)
Flight Los Angeles (LAX) - Milwaukee (MKE)
Southwest Airlines (WN564, WN807, WN1162, WN4089, WN4632, WN4776, WN5657, WN1420)
Flight Milwaukee (MKE) - New York (LGA)
Westjet (WS6697, WS6703, WS6699, WS7595, WS6701), Delta Air Lines (DL3740, DL3732, DL3712)
Flight Milwaukee (MKE) - Las Vegas (LAS)
Frontier Airlines (F92051), Southwest Airlines (WN59, WN267, WN1883, WN1925, WN1971, WN2448, WN853)
Flight Milwaukee (MKE) - Los Angeles (LAX)
Southwest Airlines (WN59, WN1883, WN2163, WN2222, WN2304, WN3362, WN2339, WN3161)
Flight Milwaukee (MKE) - Orlando (MCO)
Frontier Airlines (F91126, F91127, F91128, F91129), Southwest Airlines (WN271, WN522, WN874), Delta Air Lines (DL3708)
Flight Charlotte (CLT) - Milwaukee (MKE)
American Airlines (AA5616, AA5227, AA5420, AA5578, AA5123, AA5422, AA5222), Southwest Airlines (WN2609)
Flight Atlanta (ATL) - Milwaukee (MKE)
Delta Air Lines (DL2019, DL2031, DL2044, DL2013), Korean Air (KE6963, KE7095), KLM (KL5430), Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS4160)
Flight Washington DC (DCA) - Milwaukee (MKE)
Southwest Airlines (WN763, WN2120, WN2222, WN1600, WN1709, WN4665, WN762, WN1160)
Flight Milwaukee (MKE) - San Francisco (SFO)
Southwest Airlines (WN146, WN2049, WN4982, WN1364, WN2624, WN4028, WN4610, WN1106)
Flight Tampa (TPA) - Milwaukee (MKE)
Frontier Airlines (F92523, F92522), Southwest Airlines (WN1925, WN2446, WN2240, WN2919, WN3050, WN3538)

Airport Milwaukee - General Mitchell International Airport, WI

General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee is the largest airport in the State of Wisconsin. It is named after the U.S. Air Service Brigadier, General William "Billy" Mitchell, who grew up in the city and is considered to be the father of the U.S. Air Force.
  • URL: Milwaukee - General Mitchell International Airport, WI (MKE)
  • Time zone: GMT -6
  • Service telephone: +1 414 747-5300
  • Address: General Mitchell International Airport, 5300 South Howell Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53207, USA
  • Operating company: Milwaukee County
  • Parking: Yes, paid short-term and long-term parking in parking lots as well as a parking garage.
  • Nearby cities: Milwaukee (10 km)
  • Directions by car: Interstate 94 to exit # 318 and follow the signs to the airport.
  • Stations: There is an Amtrak rail station at the airport. It is served by the "Hiawatha" route, which runs from Milwaukee to Chicago.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.40%), Tuesday (14.67%), Wednesday (14.14%), Thursday (14.11%), Friday (14.32%), Saturday (12.82%), Sunday (15.54%)
  • Alternative spelling: General Mitchell International Airport, Милуоки, Висконсин, ميلواكي، ويسكنسن, 밀워키, מילווקי, ミルウォーキー, มิลวอกี, 密尔沃基 (威斯康辛州), میلواکی, मिल्वौकी, მილუოკი, Milvokis, Милвоки, मिलवॉकी, மில்வாக்கி, Мілуокі, מילוואקי

Most popular destinations from Milwaukee - General Mitchell International Airport, WI (Flights per week )

Top airlines (percentage of departures and arrivals)

  1. Delta Air Lines (999, 35,18 %)
  2. Southwest Airlines (694, 24,44 %)
  3. United Airlines (639, 22,50 %)
  4. American Airlines (292, 10,28 %)
  5. Air Canada (64, 2,25 %)
  6. JetBlue Airways (48, 1,69 %)
  7. Frontier Airlines (46, 1,62 %)
  8. Spirit Airlines (36, 1,27 %)
  9. other (0.77 %)

The airport is about 7 miles south of downtown Milwaukee and is the main hub of Midwest Airlines. The airport is also frequently used by passengers wishing to avoid the busy O’Hare Airport in Chicago, as General Mitchell Airport has had its own Amtrak station since 2005.

Passengers arriving by car take the Interstate 94. On arriving in Milwaukee take the I-94 to exit # 318 and then follow the signs to the airport.

From downtown Milwaukee, bus # 80 operated by local transport company Milwaukee County Transit System stops directly in front of the departure terminal. Current departure times are available locally.

The original airfield, Hamilton Airport, was already built in 1920 and named after its owner, Thomas Hamilton. In 1926 the city bought the land from the owner and renamed the airfield Milwaukee County Airport. A departure terminal was built in 1940, after its completion in the spring of the next year, the airport was renamed General Mitchell Field. The airport was finally renamed to its present name on 19th June 1986.