Airport Liepaya

Liepaja Airport is a regional airport and is one of the three most important civilian airports in the northern European republic of Latvia. The airport is near the port of the same name in the western part of the country Kurzeme.
  • URL: Liepaya (LPX)
  • Time zone: GMT 2
  • Service telephone: +371 34 07-592
  • Address: Latvija Gaisa Satiksme, Lidostas street 8, Liepajas district, Grobina, LV-3430, Latvija
  • Operating company: Aviacompany "Liepaja"" LTD
  • Nearby cities: Klaipeda (89 km)
  • Directions by car: The airport is near the highway A2, between Liepaja and Grobina.
  • Stations: Use the train to Liepaja main station and then take a taxi or the bus number 2 to the airport.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (23.08%), Tuesday (11.54%), Wednesday (11.54%), Thursday (15.38%), Friday (15.38%), Saturday (11.54%), Sunday (11.54%)
  • Alternative spelling: Libawa, Libave, Lipawa, Libawa, Liepoja, Libava, Liepāja, Liibavi, Lipawa, Lijepaja, Лієпая, Лијепаја, Ліепая, Лиепая, Λιεπάγια, ليباجا, ליפאיה, リエパーヤ, 리에파야, 利耶帕亞, 利耶帕亚

The airport is about 4 miles east of downtown. From Liepaja take the highway A9 towards Grobina and then leave at the exit for the airport.

Rail and bus passengers head for Liepaja main rail or bus station and then use a taxi or the bus 2 to the airport. the bus operates on weekdays from 6 am to 10 pm at 40/80/40 minute intervals and on Sundays from 7.30 am to 21.30 at 40/80/40 minute intervals.