Airport Diyarbakir

Airport Diyarbakir

Diyarbakir Airport is an important national airport in Turkey. It is near the western edge of town which is also the capital of the Diyarbakir province in southeast Anatolia. The airport is administered by the Turkish aviation authority and the airforce.
  • URL: Official website
  • Time zone: GMT 2
  • Service telephone: +90 412 233 63 63
  • Address: Diyarbakır Havalimanı, 21211 Diyarbakır, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti
  • Operating company: Turkish State Airports Authority - DHMI / Turkish Air Forces Command
  • Parking: Parking for 200 cars.
  • Nearby cities: Diyarbakir (3 km), Siverek (79 km), Batman (81 km), Viransehir (83 km), Kızıltepe (85 km)
  • Directions by car: The airport is near the national road and motorway about 3 miles west of Diyarbakir. And is signposted.
  • Stations: Head for Diyarbakir main station and then use a taxi or a Dolmus.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (13.86%), Tuesday (14.56%), Wednesday (13.10%), Thursday (14.11%), Friday (14.37%), Saturday (15.32%), Sunday (14.68%)
  • Alternative spelling: Diyarbekir, Amida, ديار بكر, Диарбекир, דיארבקיר, Amed, Диярбакыр, Diyarbakır, Diarbekir, ئامەد, Ντιγιαρμπακίρ, دیاربکر, ディヤルバクル, დიარბაქირი, Amed - Tirkiye, Дијарбекир, Дијарбакир, Dijarbakir, Діярбакир, 迪亚巴克尔, Դիարբեքիրի, 迪亞巴克爾, 디야르바키르, Diyarbəkir, Diyarbakyr

Most popular destinations from Diyarbakir (Flights per week )

  1. Airport Ercan, Cyprus (4, 66,67 %)
  2. Airport Dusseldorf (1, 16,67 %)
  3. other (16.67 %)

Opened in 1952, the airport is about 3 miles west of the city centre. By car, head for Diyarbakir on the D-950 (Sento Caddesi) to the district of Yunusemre and then to the exit for the airport road (Hava Limani Caddesi), from here the airport is then signposted.

Rail and bus passengers head for Diyarbakir bus or rail station and then use a minibus (Dolmus) or a Taxi to the airport.