Airport Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi International Airport is a major regional airport in the western Ukraine. Regular scheduled flights operate to and from the capital Kiev, from here further connecting flights are available.
  • URL: Chernivtsi (CWC)
  • Time zone: GMT 2
  • Service telephone: +380 (3722) -4-32-21; -4-16-26, -4-13-04
  • Address: Chernivtsi Airport, Chkalova Street 30, 58009 Chernivtsi, Ukraine
  • Operating company: Civil Government
  • Parking: Yes, there is plenty of space for parking at the airport.
  • Nearby cities: Chernivtsi (6 km), Suceava (73 km), Botosani (76 km)
  • Directions by car: The airport is located about 4 km or 2 miles south west of downtown.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (17.45%), Tuesday (9.40%), Wednesday (11.41%), Thursday (8.72%), Friday (16.78%), Saturday (23.49%), Sunday (12.75%)
  • Alternative spelling: Chernivtsi, Czernowitz, Černovice, Cernăuţi, Czerniowce, Çernivtsi, Tjernivtsi, Tšernivtsi, Tchernivtsi, Černovci, Cernivci, Černivciai, Tsjernivtsi, Чернівці, Черновцы, Черновци, Чернивци, Csernyivci, Chernovcy, צ'רנוביץ, チェルニウツィー, 切爾諾夫策, تشيرنيفتسي, 체르니우치, ჩერნოვცი

Opened in 1933, the airport is located approximately 4 km or 2 miles south west of downtown, it is easy to reach on the main road M 19.