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19 Flight routes from & to Abidjan (ABJ)

Flight Abidjan (ABJ) - Paris (PAR)
Corsair International (SS985, SS884), Air France (AF703, AF521), KLM (KL2269, KL2354), Delta Air Lines (DL8575, DL7350)
Flight Lagos (LOS) - Abidjan (ABJ)
Air Cote d'Ivoire (HF531, HF533), Ethiopian Airlines (ET1024, ET1421), Middle East Airlines (ME571), ASKY Airlines (KP15)
Flight Abidjan (ABJ) - Paris - Charles de Gaulle (CDG)
Air France (AF703, AF521, AF705), KLM (KL2269, KL2354), Delta Air Lines (DL8575, DL7350, DL7349)
Flight Abidjan (ABJ) - Ouagadougou (OUA)
Brussels Airlines (SN256), Air Canada (AC6348), Deutsche Lufthansa (LH5547), United Airlines (UA9978), ASKY Airlines (KP3011, KP3015), Air Cote d'Ivoire (HF730), Air Burkina (2J508)
Flight Accra (ACC) - Abidjan (ABJ)
South African Airways (SA56), Air Cote d'Ivoire (HF501), Emirates Airline (EK787), Ethiopian Airlines (ET1427), ASKY Airlines (KP3015), Middle East Airlines (ME575), Deutsche Lufthansa (LH5576), Brussels Airlines (SN289)
Flight Cotonou (COO) - Abidjan (ABJ)
Brussels Airlines (SN300), Singapore Airlines (SQ6243), Turkish Airlines (TK561, TK559), Air Canada (AC6385), Air Cote d'Ivoire (HF521, HF825), Hainan Airlines (HU8592)
Flight Beirut (BEY) - Abidjan (ABJ)
Middle East Airlines (ME571, ME575)
Flight Lome (LFW) - Abidjan (ABJ)
Ethiopian Airlines (ET1023, ET1001, ET1429), Air Cote d'Ivoire (HF511), ASKY Airlines (KP14, KP10)
Flight Conakry (CKY) - Abidjan (ABJ)
Ethiopian Airlines (ET934, ET68), ASKY Airlines (KP1069), Air Cote d'Ivoire (HF721, HF729)
Flight Monrovia (ROB) - Abidjan (ABJ)
Air Cote d'Ivoire (HF729, HF751)
Flight Abidjan (ABJ) - San Pedro (SPY)
Air Cote d'Ivoire (HF30, HF32, HF34)
Flight Abidjan (ABJ) - Paris-Orly (ORY)
Corsair International (SS985, SS884), Aigle Azur (ZI1884)
Flight Abidjan (ABJ) - Accra (ACC)
South African Airways (SA57), Emirates Airline (EK788), Air Cote d'Ivoire (HF500), Ethiopian Airlines (ET1426), Deutsche Lufthansa (LH5575), Middle East Airlines (ME576), Brussels Airlines (SN290), Air Canada (AC6327)
Flight Abidjan (ABJ) - Conakry (CKY)
Ethiopian Airlines (ET935, ET69), ASKY Airlines (KP1070), Air Cote d'Ivoire (HF720, HF729)
Flight Abidjan (ABJ) - Monrovia (ROB)
Air Cote d'Ivoire (HF750, HF729)
Flight Abidjan (ABJ) - Casablanca (CMN)
Royal Air Maroc (AT534, AT532), Etihad Airways (EY4208, EY4207), Qatar Airways (QR4625, QR4623)
Flight Abidjan (ABJ) - Lagos (LOS)
Ethiopian Airlines (ET1023, ET1422, ET1432), Middle East Airlines (ME572), Air Cote d'Ivoire (HF530, HF532), ASKY Airlines (KP14)
Flight Abidjan (ABJ) - Dakar - Blaise Diagne (DSS)
Camair-Co (QC402), Ethiopian Airlines (ET1001), Etihad Airways (EY4052), Air Senegal (HC304), Air Cote d'Ivoire (HF706, HF4304, HF700), ASKY Airlines (KP10)
Flight Abidjan (ABJ) - Lome (LFW)
Ethiopian Airlines (ET1024, ET1002, ET1430), ASKY Airlines (KP15, KP11), Air Cote d'Ivoire (HF510)

Airport Abidjan

Abidjan Airport or Abidjan Felix Houphouët-Boigny airport is the largest and most important airport in the west African state, Côte d'Ivoire. Regular flights operate to many major airports on the African continent, for example Tripoli, Douala, Dakar, Bamako, Cotonou, Accra and Casablanca, as well as to Brussels and Paris-Orly.
  • URL: Abidjan (ABJ)
  • Time zone: GMT 0
  • Service telephone: +225 2158-6900; +225-277-424
  • Address: Aéroport Abidjan-Félix Houphouët-Boigny, BP 30, Abidjan 07, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Operating company: Autorité Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ANAC)
  • Parking: Yes; paid short and long-term parking
  • Nearby cities: Abidjan (14 km), Anyama (30 km)
  • Directions by car: The airport is about 16 km or 10 miles south of the downtown directly on the highway towards Grand Bassam.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.36%), Tuesday (13.94%), Wednesday (13.28%), Thursday (15.04%), Friday (12.04%), Saturday (15.99%), Sunday (15.35%)
  • Alternative spelling: Abiyán, Abidžan, Abidžanas, Abidżan, Abijão, Abijã, Abican, Abijan, Abican, Абиджан, Абіджан, Αμπιτζάν, Абиџан, آبدجان, أبيدجان, أبيجان, آبیجان, אבידג'אן, アビジャン, 아비장, 阿比让, एबिजान, Աբիջան, აბიჯანი, อาบิดจัน

Most popular destinations from Abidjan (Flights per week )

  1. Dakar - Blaise Diagne (26, 7,45 %)
  2. Cotonou (24, 6,88 %)
  3. Accra Airport (22, 6,30 %)
  4. Bamako (22, 6,30 %)
  5. Ouagadougou (21, 6,02 %)
  6. Paris - Charles de Gaulle (20, 5,73 %)
  7. Lome (16, 4,58 %)
  8. Casablanca (16, 4,58 %)
  9. Conakry (14, 4,01 %)
  10. Lagos-Murtala Muhammed (11, 3,15 %)
  11. other (45 %)

Top airlines (percentage of departures and arrivals)

  1. Air Cote d'Ivoire (270, 22,17 %)
  2. Qatar Airways (82, 6,73 %)
  3. Delta Air Lines (74, 6,08 %)
  4. KLM (74, 6,08 %)
  5. Ethiopian Airlines (59, 4,84 %)
  6. Air Senegal (53, 4,35 %)
  7. Etihad Airways (44, 3,61 %)
  8. Jetstar Japan (41, 3,37 %)
  9. Thai AirAsia (36, 2,96 %)
  10. Air Burkina (34, 2,79 %)
  11. other (37.02 %)

The airport is about 16 km or 10 miles southeast of downtown, next to the highway A-100 towards Grand Bassam. Between the airport and the city there is a regular bus operated by SOTRA. Alternatively, please take a taxi or rent a car.