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from Lagos
Flight from Lagos to Houston (LOS - IAH)
Turkish Airlines, from $908.45
Flight from Lagos to Chicago (LOS - ORD)
Etihad Airways, from $757.45
Flight from Lagos to Toronto (LOS - YYZ)
Turkish Airlines, from $774.45
from San Francisco
Flight from San Francisco to Miami (SFO - MIA)
United Airlines, from $217.88
Flight from San Francisco to Atlanta (SFO - ATL)
American Airlines, from $160.45
from New York
Flight from New York to Miami (NYC - MIA)
Delta Air Lines, from $102.26
Flight from New York to Chicago (NYC - CHI)
Spirit Airlines, from $82.49
Flight from New York to San Francisco (NYC - SFO)
American Airlines, from $124.45
Flight from New York to London (NYC - LON)
Norwegian Air Shuttle, from $210.95
Flight from New York to Hilo (NYC - ITO)
Spirit Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, from $432.75
from Riyadh
Flight from Riyadh to Lucknow (RUH - LKO)
Jet Airways (India), from $187.45
from Los Angeles
Flight from Los Angeles to New York (LAX - NYC)
American Airlines, from $146.45
from Dubai
Flight from Dubai to Tashkent (DXB - TAS)
Aeroflot Russian Airlines, from $326.75
from Chicago
Flight from Chicago to New York (CHI - NYC)
Spirit Airlines, from $82.50
Flight from Chicago to Los Angeles (CHI - LAX)
Frontier Airlines, from $106.00
Flight from Chicago to Denver (CHI - DEN)
Spirit Airlines, from $72.10
Flight from Chicago to London (CHI - LON)
Aeroflot Russian Airlines, from $506.37
Flight from Chicago to San Francisco (CHI - SFO)
Delta Air Lines, from $112.05
from Atlanta
Flight from Atlanta to Tampa (ATL - TPA)
Spirit Airlines, from $34.26
Flight from Atlanta to Miami (ATL - MIA)
American Airlines, from $57.45
Flight from Atlanta to Orlando (ATL - MCO)
Spirit Airlines, from $42.51
Flight from Havana to Quito (HAV - UIO)
Aeroméxico, TAME, from $468.53
Flight from Zurich to Sofia (ZRH - SOF)
Swiss International Air Lines, from $125.70
Flight from Lahore to Jeddah (LHE - JED)
Kuwait Airways, from $331.14

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