Information on ABC-Travel

ABC Travel Service is a travel agent which was founded in 1987 in Mannheim. The company now owns 4 offices in southern Germany. Besides allowing customers to book flights and tour packages, the travel agency also provides a hotel booking service, sells rail tickets and organizes car rental road trip packages as well as activity vacations such as safaris and diving trips. It also specializes in youth travel and has an extensive internet data system.
Methods of Payment
Credit cards: American Express, VisaCard, MasterCard
Direct debit: no
ePayment: no
Cash: no
Invoice: no
Paypal: no
electronic cash (EC): no
Other: n/a

ABC-Travel - popular flights

with: Turkish Airlines (TK8528), Deutsche Lufthansa (LH0463), Austrian Airlines (OS7324), SAS Scandinavian Airlines (SK3294), Thai Airways (TG7707), United Airlines (UA8848)
with: Delta Air Lines (DL0754, DL2272, DL0344, DL1383, DL1295, DL2290), Air France (AF2605), KLM (KL5247)
with: Deutsche Lufthansa (LH0445, LH8171), SAS Scandinavian Airlines (SK3372), Brussels Airlines (SN7243), Thai Airways (TG7705), Turkish Airlines (TK8502), United Airlines (UA8830), Air France (AF3617)
with: Air France (AF3615), KLM (KL6024), Delta Air Lines (DL0024)
with: Deutsche Lufthansa (LH0401, LH0403, LH8161, LH0405), Thai Airways (TG7701), Ethiopian Airlines (ET1617), Brussels Airlines (SN7233), United Airlines (UA8842)