Airport Khartoum

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Flight Cairo (CAI) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Egyptair (MS0855, MS0857, MS0853), Sudan Airways (SD0101, SD0011, SD0103), Marsland Aviation (M70121), Buffalo Airways (J40501)

from $397.53
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Flight Asmara (ASM) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Nasair (UE0205)

from $5,362.29
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Flight Jeddah (JED) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Saudi Arabian Airlines (SV0451, SV0971), Sudan Airways (SD0227, SD0229, SD0215, SD0221), Nas Air (XY0572), Buffalo Airways (J40661)

from $259.66
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Flight Sanaa (SAH) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Yemenia Yemen Airways (IY0632), Emirates Airline (EK9769)

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Flight Abu Dhabi (AUH) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Etihad Airways (EY0632, EY0913), Air France (AF3808), Hainan Airlines (HU8809), Alitalia Linee Aeree Italiane (AZ5736), KLM (KL3902), Sudan Airways (SD0224)

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Flight Sharjah (SHJ) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Air Arabia (G90663, G90665)

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Flight Dubai (DXB) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Flydubai (FZ0633, FZ0635, FZ0631), Emirates Airline (EK0733, EK9769, EK4966), Sudan Airways (SD0224)

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Flight Bahrain (BAH) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Gulf Air (GF0703)

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Flight Addis Ababa (ADD) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Air Canada (AC9382), Ethiopian Airlines (ET1612, ET0472, ET0474), Deutsche Lufthansa (LH0599), Austrian Airlines (OS7314), SAS Scandinavian Airlines (SK3780), United Airlines (UA9137)

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Flight Amman (AMM) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Royal Jordanian (RJ0510)

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Flight Nairobi (NBO) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Korean Air (KE7927, KE7925), Kenya Airways (KQ0340, KQ0348), Marsland Aviation (M70325)

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Flight Tripoli (TIP) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Afriqiyah Airways (8U0410)

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Flight Kufrah (AKF) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Air Libya (7Q0129)

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Flight Amsterdam (AMS) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Martinair (MP8715, MP8913)

from $502.39
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Flight Doha (DOH) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Qatar Airways (QR0522, QR0520, QR1329, QR1327, QR6528, QR6524)

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Flight Riyadh (RUH) Khartoum (KRT)

with: Nas Air (XY0564), Saudi Arabian Airlines (SV0457, SV0459), Sudan Airways (SD0219)

Airport Khartoum

Khartoum Airport

Airport Khartoum
Khartoum International Airport is the largest and most important airport of the Republic of Sudan in northeast Africa.
Khartoum (KRT)
Time zone:
Service telephone:
+249 1 551 750-22
Khartoum New International Airport, Obeid Khatim Street, P.O.Box : 216, Khartoum 2056, Republic of Sudan
Operating company:
Sudan Civil Aviation Authority
Yes; paid short and long-term parking.
Nearby cities:
Khartoum (2 km)
Directions by car:
The airport is about 5 km or 3 miles south east of downtown.
Flight distribution on the days of the week:
Monday (14.88%), Tuesday (13.31%), Wednesday (13.85%), Thursday (13.42%), Friday (15.37%), Saturday (15.64%), Sunday (13.53%)
Alternative spelling:
Khartum, Hartum, Хартум, Cartum, Khartoem, الخرطوم, خارطوم, Χαρτούμ, חרטום, ハルツーム, 喀土穆, Kartum, Chartúm, Jartum, Khartun, खार्तूम, Kartoum, Kartúm, Խարթում, ხართუმი, Картум, คาร์ทูม, Al-Khartoum, Khartuum

Most popular destinations from Khartoum (Flights per week)

  1. 1. Cairo International (42, 14.43 %)
  2. 2. Juba (29, 9.97 %)
  3. 3. Jeddah-King Abdulaziz International Airport (26, 8.93 %)
  4. 4. Addis Ababa (20, 6.87 %)
  5. 5. Nyala (19, 6.53 %)
  6. 6. Dubai (19, 6.53 %)
  7. 7. Doha International Airport (17, 5.84 %)
  8. 8. El Fasher (15, 5.15 %)
  9. 9. Port Sudan (14, 4.81 %)
  10. 10. Riyadh-King Khaled International (12, 4.12 %)
  11. 11. other (26.82 %)

Top airlines (percentage of departures and arrivals)

  1. 1. Buffalo Airways (78, 10.71 %)
  2. 2. Sudan Airways (61, 8.38 %)
  3. 3. Marsland Aviation (58, 7.97 %)
  4. 4. Nova Airways (49, 6.73 %)
  5. 5. Egyptair (42, 5.77 %)
  6. 6. Ethiopian Airlines (41, 5.63 %)
  7. 7. Qatar Airways (34, 4.67 %)
  8. 8. Saudi Arabian Airlines (24, 3.30 %)
  9. 9. Flydubai (23, 3.16 %)
  10. 10. Nas Air (20, 2.75 %)
  11. 11. other (40.93 %)

Furthest destinations without having to change Istanbul-Ataturk (2849 km, Turkish Airlines) , Sharjah (2623 km, Air Arabia)

Closest destinations with direct flight El Obeid (369 km, Sudan Airways) , Port Sudan (656 km, Buffalo Airways) , El Fasher (809 km, Buffalo Airways) , Nyala (911 km, Marsland Aviation) , Jeddah-King Abdulaziz International Airport (972 km, Buffalo Airways) , Addis Ababa (1001 km, Ethiopian Airlines) , Juba (1198 km, Buffalo Airways) , Sanaa (Sana'a)-Sana'a International (1251 km, Yemenia Yemen Airways) , Cairo International (1622 km, Buffalo Airways)

First in use in 1992, the airport is about 5 km or 3 miles southeast of downtown in the suburb of Al Amarat. There are regular minibus services from the airport. Alternatively, please take a taxi or rent a car.

Regular scheduled flights from Khartoum are currently operated by Air Arabia to Sharjah, Air West to El Geneina, El Fasher, El Obeid, Juba, Nyala, Port Sudan and Sharjah, Afriqiyah Airways to Tripoli, Bahrain Air to Bahrain, bmi to Beirut and London-Heathrow, Egypt Air to Cairo, Emirates to Dubai, Etihad Airways to Abu Dhabi, Ethopian Airlines to Addis Ababa, Flying Carpet to Beirut, Gulf Air to Bahrain, Jazeera Airways to Bahrain, Dubai and Kuwait, Kenya Airways to Cairo and Nairobi, KLM to Amsterdam,Lufthansa to Addis Ababa and Frankfurt, Marsland Aviation to El Geneina, El Fasher, Juba, Nairobi and Rumbek and Nyala, Nasair to Asmara, Nairobi and N'Djamena, Nova Airways to El Fasher, Nyala and Port Sudan, Qatar Airways to Doha, Royal Jordanian to Amman, Saudi Arabian Airlines to Dammam, Jeddah and Riyadh, Sudan Airways to Abu Dhabi, Addis Ababa, Amman , Damascus, Doha, Dongola, Dubai, El Fasher, El Obeid, Jeddah, Juba, Cairo, Nyala, Port Sudan, Riyadh, Sharjah and Wadi Halfa, Syrian Arab Airlines to Damascus, Turkish Airlines to Addis Ababa and Istanbul, and Yemenia to Sana'a.