with: Emirates Airline (EK0343, EK0345, EK0347, EK0409), Malaysia Airlines (MH0162), Qantas Airways (QF8409), Yemenia Yemen Airways (IY0863)
$439.21 - $832.00

with: Emirates Airline (EK0359, EK0369, EK0357), Yemenia Yemen Airways (IY0863)
$400.36 - $910.36

with: Emirates Airline (EK0359, EK0369, EK0357), Yemenia Yemen Airways (IY0863)
$364.21 - $908.85

with: Etihad Airways (EY0560), Yemenia Yemen Airways (IY0816, IY0814, IY0812)
$415.27 - $415.27

with: Flydubai (FZ0092), Emirates Airline (EK0962, EK9769), Yemenia Yemen Airways (IY0862, IY0802, IY0822, IY0852, IY0864)
with: Yemenia Yemen Airways (IY0812)
$298.64 - $298.64

with: Nasair (UE0501), Yemenia Yemen Airways (IY0822, IY0852)
$298.64 - $389.09

with: Air Canada (AC6513), United Airlines (UA9859, UA9025), Deutsche Lufthansa (LH7175, LH8291), Egyptair (MS0785, MS9001), SAS Scandinavian Airlines (SK3784)
$284.87 - $614.74

with: Felix Airways (FO0500), Yemenia Yemen Airways (IY0620, IY0626, IY0628)
with: Air France (AF0508, AF6792), Delta Air Lines (DL8622), Yemenia Yemen Airways (IY0749), Egyptair (MS0804, MS0800)
$322.14 - $361.10

with: Air Canada (AC6514, AC9523), Deutsche Lufthansa (LH7174, LH8290, LH0584), Egyptair (MS0786, MS9002), United Airlines (UA9860)
$313.16 - $4,265.89

with: Egyptair (MS0692), Yemenia Yemen Airways (IY0748, IY0602, IY0604, IY0600, IY0740), Turkish Airlines (TK8085)
$287.28 - $363.92

with: Egyptair (MS8041), Yemenia Yemen Airways (IY0600, IY0604)
with: Yemenia Yemen Airways (IY0602), Egyptair (MS8047)
with: Yemenia Yemen Airways (IY0602), Egyptair (MS8044)
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Information on Yemenia Yemen Airways

Yemenia Yemen Airways

Yemenia Yemen Airways
  • URL: http://www.yemenia.com/
  • Telephone: +1 718 – 254 - 5867
  • Type of airline: Scheduled airline
  • Country: Yemen (YE)
  • Call sign: Yemeni
  • Address: Yemenia - Yemen Airways Company, Al Hasaba Street, Mazda Area, P.O. Box 1183, Sanaa, Republic of Yemen Yemen
  • Yemenia Yemen Airways USA: Yemen Airways, GSA - Arabian horizons travel & tourism, 203 court st., Brooklyn, NY-11201 USA
  • Home airport: SAH
  • Year founded: 1961
  • Number of aircraft: 20

The history of Yemen Airways goes back to the year 1949 when the Yemen government purchased two DC3 Dakotas. These planes were used to transport government officials, mail and, occasionally, businessmen between the major cities of Yemen. On 4 August 1961 the Yemen Airways Company was formed and ownership of the two Dakotas was transferred to the new Company. One year later, Yemen Airways was constituted as a shareholding company to serve the domestic cities of Taiz, Sana?a and Hodeidah and the regional destinations of Djibouti and Asmara. By 1965 Yemen Airways had bought four more Dakotas and had added the domestic destinations of Al Baida, Abs, Al Jawf, Marib and Kamaran.In 1967 Yemen Airways reached an agreement of cooperation with United Arab Airlines (UAA, now Egypt Air), and two more DC6 aircraft were added to the fleet and a direct flight introduced between Sana?a and Cairo.On 4 January 1969 a new board of directors was set up and in 1970 after negotiations for cooperation in aviation with Saudi Arabia, two additional DC-6 aircraft were added to the fleet. On 2 October 1972 Yemen Airways became a public limited company and continued to carry out its air transportation functions with DC-6 aircraft and also chartered Caravel aircraft to strengthen its Hodeidah/Jeddah sector.In 1973 a new phase of development had begun. The Corporation leased two B737s from Britannia Airways. After expiry of the lease, three B727s were leased from World Airways to fly international routes, and the destinations of Athens and Rome were added to the network. By the end of 1976 Yemen Airways had added one B737-200 to the fleet. In July 1978 another landmark in the history of Yemen Airways took place with the formation of Yemenia (Yemen Airways), heralding the beginning of a new era in air travel service and progress. Fifty-one percent of Yemenia is held by the Yemen government and 49% by the government of Saudi Arabia. The formation of Yemenia reflected a real International investment, which is on going today. A joint Yemeni-Saudi Board of Directors supervises all of its activities.By the end of 1979 Yemenia had taken delivery of four brand new B727-200s and in 1980 two DH7s. Since then Yemenia flights cover around 23 destinations within three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe, with a good reputation in service and safety.During the 1990s many developments took place in Yemen in all aspects and one of these is the merger of DY (South Yemen?s airline) with IY (North Yemen?s) on 15 May 1996. The new company, Yemenia, added to its fleet two B737-100s and two DH7s and its operations have been extended domestically and internationally. To fulfil its obligation for air service and to cover the external and internal demand, Yemenia has added two jets, A310-300s, to its fleet, and is planning for five more A320s or six B737-700s.