Airport Braganca

Aeródromo Municipal de Bragança is a small but important airport in Portugal. It is in the district of Braganca, in the most northerly region Região Norte.
  • URL: Braganca (BGC)
  • Time zone: GMT 0
  • Service telephone: +351 273 304 253
  • Address: Aeródromo Municipal de Bragança Bacal, Baçal - 5300-431, Bragança, Portugal
  • Operating company: Câmara Municipal de Bragança
  • Directions by car: From Bragança follow the N218-3 towards Sacoias and then follow the signs to the airport.
  • Stations: Trains to Braganca. From there by taxi to the airport.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (16.67%), Tuesday (16.67%), Wednesday (16.67%), Thursday (16.67%), Friday (16.67%), Saturday (16.67%), Sunday (0.00%)
  • Alternative spelling: Bragança, Braganza, Bragantza, Bragance, Bragansa, Браганса, براغانسا, براگانسا, 布拉干薩, 브라간사, ブラガンサ

The airport is 5 miles north of Bragança. From Braganca take the N218-3 to shortly before Sacoias and then follow the signs to the airport. Rail passengers take trains to Branganca and then take a taxi to the airport.