with: American Airlines (AA7282, AA7285), LIAT (LI0362, LI0560), Seaborne Airlines (BB4577, BB4543, BB4557), Air Sunshine (YI0701)
$212.85 - $378.04

with: LIAT (LI0310), Winair (WM0102), Air Sunshine (YI8709), BVI Airways (XV0207)
with: Air Caraibes (TX0422, TX0424), Air France (AF8207, AF0627), Air Guyane Express (3S0367, 3S0303, 3S0306, 3S0307)
with: Air Caraibes (TX0422, TX0424), Air France (AF8207, AF0627), Air Guyane Express (3S0367, 3S0306, 3S0303, 3S0307)
with: Air France (AF0601, AF3971, AF3977, AF0605, AF0607), Corsairfly (SS3585), Air Caraibes (TX0585), Air Guyane Express (3S4975)
with: Air France (AF3971, AF0601, AF3977, AF0605, AF0607), Air Guyane Express (3S4975, 3S0502, 3S4977)
$346.21 - $562.28

with: American Airlines (AA7274), Seaborne Airlines (BB4523)
$701.01 - $1,425.14

with: JetBlue Airways (B61134, B62034), Sun Country Airlines (SY0732), Air Sunshine (YI0801, YI0805), LIAT (LI0562, LI0510)
$255.85 - $986.40

with: LIAT (LI0509), Winair (WM0117), Amerijet International (M60823), BVI Airways (XV0202, XV0203, XV0206), Air Sunshine (YI8704)
$179.91 - $567.84

with: Air Caraibes (TX0403, TX0303, TX0409, TX0422, TX0401, TX0413, TX0405), Air France (AF8207)
$208.64 - $208.64

with: Air France (AF3974, AF0600, AF3970, AF0604), Air Guyane Express (3S4974, 3S0501), Corsairfly (SS3580), Air Caraibes (TX0580)
$524.90 - $683.90

with: Air Caraibes (TX0421, TX0423), Air France (AF8206, AF0626), Air Guyane Express (3S0366, 3S0305, 3S0302, 3S0309)
$274.02 - $538.59

with: Air Caraibes (TX0311, TX0303, TX0307, TX0463, TX0305), Air Guyane Express (3S0215, 3S3679), Corsairfly (SS4679)
$237.34 - $237.34

with: Air Caraibes (TX0303, TX0307, TX0301, TX0463, TX0305), Air Guyane Express (3S0215, 3S3681), Corsairfly (SS4679)
$230.72 - $230.72

with: Air Caraibes (TX0302, TX0306, TX0304, TX0462, TX0322), Air Guyane Express (3S3678, 3S3680), Corsairfly (SS4680)
$224.08 - $227.31

with: Air Caraibes (TX0463, TX0465), Air Guyane Express (3S0215, 3S3683), Corsairfly (SS4683)
with: Air Caraibes (TX0431, TX0433, TX0463, TX0435), Air Guyane Express (3S0215, 3S0307), Air France (AF8207), Corsairfly (SS4367)
$131.64 - $188.27

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Information on Air Guyane Express

Air Guyane Express

Air Guyane Express
  • URL: http://www.airguyane.com/
  • Type of airline: Scheduled airline
  • Country: French Guiana (GF)
  • Call sign: Green Bird
  • Address: Air Guyane Express,COMPAGNIE AERIENNE INTER REGIONALE EXPRESS, Aeroport Matoury, 97351 - Cayenne Cedex, Guyane française
  • Home airport: CAY
  • Year founded: 2002
  • Number of aircraft: 9

Air Guyane Express currently has a fleet of 3 De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter and 2 ATR-42.

Air Guyane Express was founded on June 1st, 2002 in Matoury in order to fill the gap left by the bankrupt Air Guyane.

Currently, the airline flies only from its base in Cayenne to Saul and Maripasoula.